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HANKOOK GASKIKI is one of the leading company that manufactures and sells gas sensors, gas detectors, combustion gas detectors, gas shut off devices, gas leak detectors, gas leakage alarms to help consumers use gas safely. And we will produce best quality and competitive LPG/LNG gas detectors, residential gas leakage alarm, business-industrial gas leakage alarm, standard gas and water proof cover.
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Gas Sensor
Gas Leakage Alarm
Residential Use
Gas Leakage Alarm AB-370
Gas Leakage Alarm AB-365
Gas Leakage Alarm BB-365
Business and Industrial Use
Gas Leakage Alarm AB-454
Gas Leakage Alarm AB-455
Gas Shutoff

Gas Leakage Alarm

Gas Leakage Alarm AB-370 Gas Leakage Alarm AB-370 Gas Leakage Alarm AB-370 Gas Leakage Alarm AB-370
Model AB-370
Sensing Catalytic Combustion Type , Diffusion Type, Immediate Alarming Type
Sensor MI-02
Detectable Gases LPG, LNG, CITY GAS
Power AC 220V, 50/60HZ
Power Input 2.7W
Weight 0.32kg
Alarm Density Less than 1/4 of the Lower Explosive Limit
Indication Green LED
Alarming Buzzer (more than 70dB) Yellow LED (automatic return)
Initial Stabilization Time 30 secs after applying an electric current
Temperature Range -10กษ ~ 40กษ
Installation Wall Type
Code Length 1.8m
Color Ivory
Output Voltage Red/Black 2V (normal), 9V (alarm))
HxWxD(mm) 116 x 66 x 46
Duration 3 years


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